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Website Hosting & Email Service
A variety of hosting plans are available to suit all needs. All of our hosting plans come with access to the IMS Hosting & Email Administration Control Panel. You can access the IMS Control Panel from any computer connected to the Internet.

The IMS Hosting & Email Administration Control Panel gives you the ability to:
    Add/remove/manage email accounts

    Modify individual email account Spam settings

    Access Webmail

    Assign a default email address for all email coming to your domain

    Setup email auto-responders

    Access your website traffic statistics 24/7/365

    Generate and download a full backup of your account

    Password protect directories for your website

    Modify the master password for your account

    Setup and modify FTP access to your account

    Upload/delete all of your website files from an easy to use interface

    Monitor your disk space and bandwidth usage

IMS Hosting & Email Administration Control Panel Screen Shots
Administration Home Page
Mail – Manager Main Menu
     Mail – Maintenance
     Mail – Auto-responder Maintenance
     Mail – Spam Control Configuration
Account Password Maintenance
FTP User/Account Manager
File Manager
Disk Space Usage
File & Database Backup
Directory Password Protection

Hosting only plans start at $8/month. Hosting + Email plans start at $10/month. All plan prices are based on individual disk space, bandwidth and email account requirements.

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