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Website Design & Development
Your website is the foundation for all of your Internet marketing efforts. An effective website will streamline business processes, build credibility in the marketplace, and ultimately result in a conversion to sales. Additionally, all other Internet marketing techniques will be supported by your website.

Through our years of experience we have learned that to produce websites that have a real impact it takes a combination of rich copy writing, creative graphic design, appropriate functionality, standards based programming and a thorough understanding of the business the website is being developed for.

Process Oriented Model
Our process begins with getting to know your business first. We start by reviewing your industry as a whole, including your competitors. This will help determine the target audience the site is being built for, as well as ensure the site fulfills the needs of the marketplace. We also study your day-to-day operations to determine the functionality your website should have to support your business.

Next, a site map and functionality requirements are laid out. This will serve as the blueprint for your website. Then, our copy writers, graphic artists and web programmers go to work crafting your site. Keeping in constant communication with our clients, milestones are reviewed and approved throughout the entire process.

All of our websites are tested for cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility. Your site needs to look and function the same for all users. After thorough testing, your website is launched on the World Wide Web. We then stand behind and support every website we complete. We’re always here to answer questions and guide you as your organization grows.

The Programming Difference
Standards based programming ensures your website will be properly produced. This results in websites that look the same and function correctly on all platforms (i.e. Macintosh, Windows, Linux), within all browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and at multiple screen resolutions. In addition to this, a standards based website will best be positioned for natural indexing and ranking by search engines.

To accomplish this we follow the guidelines established by the World Wide Web Consortium, the International body for establishing web standards and protocols. We also utilize the latest programming techniques to optimize all website images and supporting files for efficient downloading.

Professional Graphics
Colors, images, and fonts on your website represent your company and brand. They also contribute significantly to the initial appeal and overall usability of a site. Ask yourself, out of all of the thousands of web pages you have visited, which sites kept your interest? How did the site’s graphics effect your perception of the credibility of the business?

Our approach to graphic design is to provide a compelling, professional appearance to complement the content of your website. Colors, images and fonts are chosen with your target audience in mind. Rich imagery is used to quickly communicate theme and intent.

A professionally produced website will result in a consistent look and feel throughout your entire site, ensuring your brand is effectively communicated to your customers.

Powerful Copywriting
Effective copywriting will provide an informative experience for your visitors, while compelling them to engage in business with your company. Website copy should connect your customers to your business on multiple levels. Good copy will instill trust, provide the right information in order to make an informed decision and ultimately create eagerness to buy your product and tell others about it.

Our copywriting process beings from the start. We take a serious interest in learning about your business, and only because of this are we able to effectively convey your message.

Foundation for Success
Our goal is to position your company for maximum exposure and success on the World Wide Web. We understand your website is the foundation for all Internet marketing efforts and is integral to your online success. From brochure sites to E-commerce to Corporate Portals to Membership Management Systems we are here to assist.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Website Possibilities. Internet Marketing is Our Passion, We Look Forward to Working With You!