I strongly recommend and believe in the Cellular Water line by Institut Esthederm. The products discussed below are all available at Rocky Greco's salon, where I am currently providing services. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the Cellular Water line of Institut Esthederm products.

From the Institut Esthederm website:
"To find its initial energy potential, your skin needs to return to the source. The ideal aquatic "source" environment is, in fact, the original water where cells are found: interstitial liquid. This liquid represents a perfect watering center, indispensable for nourishing vitality and healthy functioning. But its composition changes with time, a process that begins at the time of birth … like a bubble that bursts under the attack of the outside world.

CELLULAR WATER reinvented by INSTITUT ESTHEDERM is a "duplicate" of interstitial liquid, which reactivates all of the potential energy found in skin cells, rebuilding the specific properties from which they originally benefited.

A patented water ? Yes, because this water is unique. It is in perfect osmosis with the skin and is the only water in the world that is perfectly compatible with the skin’s cells and with which these cells can live and thrive. It represents an energizing super-serum that allows all cutaneous processes to function perfectly."

Hydro-Energising Cellular Water -- this product contains no perfume, no color, and no preservatives. This universal water is an incomparable source of energy for your skin.
Cellular Water Gel --This product offers continuous moisturizing pleasure for up to 8 hours. Restores skins vital energy. Skin is softer, better and lastingly hydrated. Ultra-fresh melting texture without shining.
Cellular Water Cream --This product restores skins vital energy. Better hydrated on a continuous basis, throughout the day or night. Your skin feels more comfortable. As soon as it is applied, its creamy texture provides comfort & a long lasting feeling of well-being.
Cellular Water Cleansing Foam --This product is light, creamy and ultra-soft. It turns cleansing into a real moment of pleasure on a daily basis. This delicate cleansing foam leaves the skin soft and supple. Your complexion will be radiant. Cleanses your skin & removes make-up.

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