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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Having difficulty getting search results for your website? Not happy with your page rank? Search Engine Optimization(SEO), also known as natural or organic optimization, is a critical factor in the effectiveness of your Internet presence. SEO involves reviewing a website and making changes to the content, code and design in order to best position the site for natural indexing by search engines. Whether IMS is building you a new site or optimizing your existing website, our SEO goal is to get your website known on the web, increase traffic to your website and drive sales.

The two major factors in getting a high natural search engine ranking are website construction, and keyword selection and use. Search engines read web pages much differently than humans and the design of your site must take this into consideration. A website may look very impressive to the human eye and be totally irrelevant to a search engine. Thus, how a site is built from a technical standpoint dramatically effects the ability of search engines to catalogue your website. Key word selection and use plays an equally important role. The identification of search terms and how they are incorporated into your website can make or break your ranking.

IMS takes a process oriented approach to Search Engine Optimization. Our method involves:
Identifying your primary and secondary audience

Researching the primary and secondary terms your audience will use to find your website, and search for your products and services

Reviewing current website content

Examining current website pages and code for readability by search engines

Documenting our findings and making recommendations

Incorporating our recommendations into your website

Writing updated content for your pages

Building standards based search engine friendly web pages

Launching your new search engine friendly website on the world wide web

Performing periodic search engine ranking reviews and making adjustments where necessary

Professional Search Engine Optimization can significantly improve your website’s ability to rank high in search engine results pages.

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