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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay-Per-Click
Search Engine Marketing is an aggressive approach for driving traffic to your website. For a fee, search engines will display your ad in prominent locations on their search results pages. Your website is only listed in these special locations when the phrases you choose are searched for.

You only pay when an individual clicks your listing to visit your site. You can also set daily maximum spend limits. When the amount of your limit has been reached, your ads are suspended until the next day. This budgeting feature provides a great way to manage your advertising dollars.

Internet Marketing Solutions offers SEM programs tailored to fit all needs. We handle all aspects of your SEM campaign(s), including:

Identifying your primary and secondary audience

Researching the terms and phrases your audience will use to find your website and search for your products and services

Providing expert guidance on which search engines to target and why

Setting up and managing your advertising account with the search engine(s) you choose to utilize

Creating your ads / listings to be displayed

Providing reports and feedback on the success of your campaign

Search Engine Marketing is a powerful tool for geo-targeting local consumers or driving worldwide traffic to your site.

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