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When executed properly, email marketing is a cost-effective method for attaining customers and building existing relationships. A successful program will distribute your message in a compelling fashion, encouraging customers to purchase your products and services, and tell others about them. IMS’s email marketing programs utilize the latest technology and methods to ensure a professional image is maintained for your organization. All of our programs comply with the current US legislation regarding Spam.

Robust Functionality Included With All Programs
Easy to Use Web Interface – write, send and manage campaigns from any computer connected to the Internet.

Automated Opt-out Capability – every email message you send will include a link for subscribers to opt-out of future mailings. This promotes trust with your subscribers and complies with current US legislation.

Click Tracking – statistics can be viewed by message, URL or subscriber.

Open/View Tracking – tells you how many users opened your message.

Template Based Messaging – allows you to efficiently craft your message while maintaining consistency with your brand.

Attachments – can be sent with all messages.

Scheduled Sending – allows you to create an email and send it at a later date.

Customized Subscriber Attributes – the information you collect from subscribers is up to you. I.e. name, address, etc.

User Specific Content – you can use subscriber attributes to personalize every message you send out.

HTML & Text Formats – provides the greatest flexibility for the presentation of your messages.

Built in HTML Editor – allows for customization of your messages and templates.

Automated Subscriber Preferences Updates – every email message sent has the option to include a link for subscribers to update their preferences. I.e. email address, phone number, etc.

Whether you are sending monthly newsletters, quarterly updates, or personalized sales campaigns, an IMS email marketing program can help you foster strong customer relationships and build your business.

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